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Post  Matthew on Sun May 08, 2011 11:32 am

Welcome to Mr. Reaper's corner of the net. Here we will go over cheats and stratagies for campaign missions. Rules are simple, so don't cross them.

If you notice your post mysteriously vanish, DON'T REPOST it. We've decided it was inappropriate, or did not follow guidelines, and we deleted it. Re posting items that were deleted will be seen to us as intentional spam, punishable by banning.

No cheats that give any 1 player or group an advantage over another player or group is permitted. Point blank. You may post and discuss any cheat that helps you in the campaign, but not any cheat that gives you an unfair advantage in multi player situations. This includes campaign cheats that port over to multi player situations. I.E. Borderlands' dubbing and modding campaign weapons. These weapons port over to multi player situations and are considered illegal here.

That's pretty much the only 2 guidelines we're looking at here. Play fair, don't use the 10 year old's lagg switching, and have fun!

~CGINLive YourShepherdxXx



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