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Talk about travesty Empty Talk about travesty

K, this sucked. After workin all day in the sun Thursday, I ended up gettin called in on 3're shift in Albertville right as I was taking my contacts out for bed. I made the hour and a half drive out there, then realized I'd gotten an outbreak of Poisin IVY. Highly allergic to the krap. My supervisor nurse, awesome guy, gave me a combo of OTC (over the counter) meds that nearly knocked me out (bad when you're expected to work all night). After falling asleep a few times on the drive home, I get in and pass out... FOR A WHOLE DAY!!! I went to bed at (:00am Friday, and woke up 9:30am. SATURDAY! When I got up, I went to town to get more meds, and ended up getting roped in to helping some strangers (a friend of a friend) move a bunch of stuff to storage like couches, tables, and everything else that wasn't tacked down (and some that was tacked down) Turns out they have a really cute daughter, bout 22 years old. So, I'm flirting lightly with her through the day, just before I leave, I find out she's like 16! And to top all this krap off, as I get this ivy cleared up, I find out that we have black mold (the deadly junk) under our house, and my roomie and his wife took all the animals to stay a few nights till he can get an estimete. Did I mention it's in the duct work, which only means I gotta stay in a moldy houst for about a week in 90+ degree weather while we try to get it outta the floor and AC unit? (mold in AC=NO COOL AIR!!!) So, if you're havin a krappier weekend, let me know, and I'll go into more detail, trust me, this is ONLY a highlight on the GOOD parts. Peace ^_^

~CGINLive YourShepherdxXx

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Post on Sun Jun 05, 2011 10:22 am  Andrew

yup its official your weekend sucked lol sorry bro we all have days like that but not more than one so you win again lol cheer up though its sunday and we get to go back to work tomorrow so yeah

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Post on Sun Jun 05, 2011 9:14 pm  DeReaper

loli been living with mold far too long to get sick by it Razz ive built up a great tolerence of the crap... one of the reasons i am trading homes

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Post on Mon Jun 06, 2011 5:23 pm  Matthew

Bahahaha, Billy, that's krazy lolz. Besides, this is the deadly type apparentally, but I'm too stubourn to take my friends up on the offers to leave a spell. Drew. Yes. Yes indeed. I win. Razz lolz Ya'll rock ^_^

~CGINLive YourShepherdxXx

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Post on Mon Jun 06, 2011 9:27 pm  DeReaper

hmm well it keeps everyone pretty sick around here m sure it a little deadly Razz its in between all the walls when u come over ill scoop some out Razz

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